Prescription Sunglasses For Your Sport

bolle prescription sunglassesFinding sunglasses that are stylish, prescription and great for when performing different sports can be quite difficult. Which is why sports eye wear are an amazing company who offer a huge selection of prescription sunglasses great for sports. They offer so many different brands including Nike and Bolle. These sunglasses are very popular because they are comfortable, come in many different styles and colours. When it comes to shopping by sports they cover a selection of sports including golf and tennis, plus they have many pairs of sunglasses for each sport. Each pair of sunglasses has its own selection of fantastic features and is at a great price, the sunglasses are very long lasting too, so you shouldn’t have to worry about buying new ones frequently. In this article I will be talking about pairs of prescription sunglasses that are specifically for cycling.


One of the pairs that they do is called Atomik. These prescription sunglasses come in either black or grey and come with a choice of two lens materials, which are CR39 and polycarbonate. They also come with a choice of two different lens tints/coatings that are clear and dark grey 85%; these sunglasses only come in one size which is adult. They are vented to reduce misting by airflow and have a new in-frame-in-rim inserts which fit within the rim.


Then another pair would be the Revo Descend N-RE 4059prescription. These sunglasses come in three different colours, black, crystal and crystal brown. They also come with a choice of different lens tints and coatings which are blue water, graphite, green water, open road, solar orange, stealth and terra. They have an authentic Revo mirror coating and rear surface anti reflection coating. Plus they have a authentic Revo oleophobic coating and sub surface scratch protection. They use high contrast, shatterproof, lightweight serilium polycarbonate sunglasses.


Then there are also the Sunwise Hastings prescription sunglasses; these sunglasses come in both white and black. They have a white grilamid TR90 frame and chromafusion 2.0 red flash lenses. The lenses are anti fog and hydrophobic coated, the lenses are handcrafted panoramic lenses and provide supreme clear vision. These sunglasses are great for everyday wear due to being a comfortable fit. The lenses will adapt by lightening and darkening to ensure that you’re vision does not end up being affected by the sun glares and UV rays. These sunglasses will provide wide field of view that’s distortion free.